Science and Technology

One of Synageva’s core competencies is the creation and production of recombinant proteins. These capabilities are based upon the knowledge of historic production methods for protein therapeutics as complemented by Synageva’s proprietary technology for expression of such proteins. Synageva’s expression platform is an integrated approach using recombinant DNA technology for the creation, optimization and commercial production of protein therapeutics. This mature platform, encompassing over 15 years of research and clinical development, has a number of potential advantages which include:

  • Human-like glycosylation patterns that can be tailored for the application;

  • Very high and consistent protein expression levels; and

  • Flexibility during scale-up.

Synageva has demonstrated that this system can be easily scaled-up to provide consistent, robust production of many types of therapeutic proteins. Synageva’s ability to manufacture its products in-house, along with the advantages the manufacturing platform provides, are key elements of Synageva’s business. This capability decreases the financial hurdles of progressing a protein therapeutic into clinical development and allows Synageva to retain control over manufacturing of the commercial product.